Hakata Salt is delicious salt containing just the right amount of ‘bittern’, a component of seawater that confers a rounded taste.

We offer three main products, Hakata Salt Coarse Salt, Hakata Salt Roasted Salt, and Fleur de Sel. These types are available in different packaging options, including table salt, products for commercial use, special order items and mini packs.

Product lineup

  • Coarse Salt

    Edible salt with just the right amount of bittern from seawater.

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    Hakata Salt Coarse Salt
  • Roasted Salt

    Coarse Salt lightly roasted to form fine granular salt.

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    Hakata Salt Roasted Salt
  • Fleur de Sel

    Large salt grains crystallized slowly over time.

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    Fleur de Sel
  • Hakata Salt Dry

    Smooth and easy to use salt.

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    Hakata Salt Dry
  • Table salt

    An airtight screw cap ensures this table salt is fresh and convenient.

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    Table salt
  • Products for commercial use

    Used for the manufacture of miso, salt pickles, cakes and so on.

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    Products for commercial use